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The Barrhill Community Pub

The first formal meeting held at Barrhill Memorial hall.

Read the meeting minutes here

As part of the community pub refurbishment, the Barrhill Development Trust committed to consulting the community on various matters.

The theme of the pub will be derived from the name.

We are beginning to make plans and hire tradespeople so the planning for the interior must start soon. The exterior of the pub will remain white, with greys around the windows and door and the name will be above the door and lit appropriately.

So now is the time to choose the name of the pub - how will we do that?

Residents submit suggestions with supporting facts & reasons to enquiries@barrhilldevtrust.org. Starts Today! Closing date 9th September.

A open meeting will be held, one person will explain for each name and there will be a public vote on that date

Results of the vote shared and announcement made on the name for the pub. Our sign writer will begin work at the end of September and the name will be used on all materials inside the pub.

The meeting will be either Friday 16th at 7pm or Saturday 17th September 11am - depending on feedback. We have already had suggestions, and are now inviting volunteers to speak to the names they are passionate about.

Emails or written responses to the Hall post box are being accepted as suggestions, please do not submit suggestions on Facebook as these will not be counted.

Submit your suggestion and indicate whether you are willing to speak up for this name at the open meeting. The meeting will be well chaired and speakers will have max. 5 minutes on their topic and can provide any reading material or display items for the boards. It will not be a debate, but there will be time to socialise with a free drink before everyone attending will be asked to cast their vote in the ballot box. This ensures a fair and democratic process.

Drainage put in; front entrance in progress, openings added (and closed) and velux installed in bedrooms

Pub update. Work continues on ramp and stairs at rear of pub; new entrance partitioning added and partitioning for en suites in guest rooms,

Posted by Barrhill Development Trust on Friday, 1 April 2022

The board of the Barrhill Development Trust are pleased to announce that approval of its building warrant application for the Trout Inn was given by the South Ayrshire Council on Friday 4th December 2020. The approved plans will be on display in the window of the village shop in the next day or so. The Board will be again contacting the builders shortlisted to obtain an updated and accurate quote for the works required and will keep the village notified of any significant news.

Our Community Development Worker has been carrying out investigatory work into the possibility of the community purchasing, managing and running the Trout Inn as a bar and restaurant. The proposal for this project, is to refurbish the building and provide an attractive and welcoming venue with food, drink and entertainment offering for local people, whilst also attracting people from outside of the village and encouraging passers-by to stop, rather than driving straight through. This in turn will increase footfall into the village and increase spend, working to substantially improve the local economy and create a sustainable village. Furthermore, a minimum of two full time jobs will be created, with a number of part time and seasonal posts. The creation of job opportunities will allow working age people to remain in the village and not be forced to move elsewhere to find work, and also encourage people to move in to the community.

Throughout the process, there have been many opportunities for the community to communicate their ideas and thoughts to the Board and to ask any questions, via our Community Development Worker. We have succeeded in being awarded £135,000 by the Scottish Land Fund for the purchase price of the building.

Barrhill Development Trust has been given £135,000 from the Scottish Land Fund to buy the Trout Inn following the retirement of the current owner.

The purchase will allow this important village asset to remain open and to be developed for the local community and economy.

John Thomson, Chair, Barrhill Development Trust said: “I am delighted that Barrhill Development Trust has been successful in securing funding from the Scottish Land Fund for the purchase of our village pub, the Trout Inn. Although Barrhill is a small village, we have a very proactive community, who wish to see our local area flourish. We will refurbish The Trout Inn and provide an offering of good quality, locally-sourced food and drink, in addition to entertainment, music and social events; welcoming local people and visitors alike, to Barrhill.

“Our long-term plans will also see the delivery of catering and hospitality workshops and training opportunities for local people, using refurbished facilities in the pub. Funding from the Scottish Land Fund is instrumental in bringing our project to fruition and we are excited for this new project to begin.”

Barrhill Development Trust is one of ten community ownership projects which have shared in £2,819,430 from the Scottish Land fund.

Full press release here